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What? You’re not familiar with kefir? Well read on then! Giselle from Your Kefir Source agreed to do this guest post to introduce us to it and give us some suggestions on how to eat it. (Check out her site – there is a lot of helpful information there!)


Kefir is a live bacteria culture that’s normally used to create a fermented dairy beverage. The grains are normally harvested from goat, sheep, or cow’s milk. Aside from a combination of lactic acid, lipids, sugars, and protein, kefir grains are also rich in cultured bacteria and yeasts. It’s widely known that kefir is a significant source of friendly bacteria that aids the digestive system in its processes. The origins of kefir can be traced to the Eastern European Caucasus Mountains, where the name means “good feeling”.

Kefir has a naturally sweet and slightly sour taste, and it has a consistency similar to yogurt. The refreshing taste makes it easier for people to include kefir in their diets, and you can enjoy it in more ways than one.

kefir grains

You can start with a cooling kefir milk drink. There are a lot of people who say that kefir is best consumed as a beverage in a tall glass with some ice. Since it already has some sweetness, there’s really no need to add any sugar.

You can try blending the kefir milk or water with some fruits and turn it into a healthy smoothie pick-me-up, as well. For kefir milk shakes, add a scoop of your favorite ice cream and some ice before blending. Top this off with some whipped cream. Kefir can also be used instead of milk when making homemade ice cream. Not only will it be tastier, but it will be much healthier, too. Try it with natural vanilla, too—you’ll go nuts! For a lighter dessert, you can even make some kefir popsicles using ice trays and toothpicks.

A little dollop of plain kefir can make soups refreshing but hearty. Try adding it to borscht or tomato cream soup. And don’t stop there: why don’t you spread some thick kefir onto toasted bread while you’re at it? It’s actually a good substitute for cream cheese.


When it comes to the bread, if you make your own loaves at home, kefir can also be used in the baking process. Reduce the amount of water and eggs that you use in a recipe and add kefir for a loaf that’s more flavorful and moist. It works great with sourdough.

Some recommend kefir pancakes, too. This is a great way to enjoy kefir during the most important meal of the day. Kefir scones are worth trying, as well. The best part is that these are quite easy to make!

Kefir can also be eaten just like yogurt. It can be consumed plain or with some chopped fruits and nuts. Add granola for an even yummier snack. You can use kefir in veggie dips, too, as it’s a great item to bring on picnics. For those who are a bit more adventurous, give kefir kraut a go during the next family barbecue. Add kefir to some cabbage and caraway seeds, and that’s it!


There are definitely at least a dozen ways to enjoy a healthy food like kefir—and probably even more waiting to be discovered. Try out your own kefir experiments, and add the best ones to the list!



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