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First, let me apologize for disappearing for so long. Anyone following my blog knows that the past three years have been hell since losing Mom. Let me tell you, it got worse – much worse – before it got better. But THAT story will be for another blog. (It’s a very important one.) I am happy to report that I can FINALLY say with some confidence that I am better. I will never be the same, of course, but I am as close as I will be able to get. And that’s a positive thing!

I’ve decided to share one of my ‘adapted’ recipes. Not to get too personal here, but we all like to be as clean as we can be leaving the bathroom. There are many different kinds of wipes that you can buy; some are flushable, some are not.


There are also many blogs about whether the flushable ones are really a good idea or not. You can read a couple here: Is It Ok to Flush Those Wet Wipes? and Why Flushable Wipes Aren’t Really Flushable. As always, if you’re interested in learning more, do a quick search on Google.

Anyway, when I found this recipe for homemade baby wipes HERE, I was excited to try them, however, I didn’t particularly like the paper towel bit. Instead of being able to flush them, they’d have to go in the garbage, and that didn’t appeal to me, either. As I was looking through my bathroom cabinets, I saw that I had little spray bottles, and then I got an idea.

Why not make the liquid part and store in the spray bottle so I could just spray on some toilet paper when necessary? I liked that idea much better. And after I tried it, I loved it. I’ve been using this for years. This mix also has way less chemicals then store bought ones, and that’s ALWAYS a plus!


Recipe – Makes three 1 oz size spray bottles

3 Tb aloe vera

2 Tb witch hazel

3 tp castille soap

2 caps Vitamin E

2 tp oil (almond oil, coconut oil, etc)

Few drops of essential oils (try to use ‘gentler’ ones like lavender, tea tree, chamomile and orange)


Measure out ingredients and mix everything in a bowl.

baby wipes 2.jpg

Once you stir, it will all mix together and turn a bit cloudy. Using a small funnel, pour into the spray bottles evenly. (You will not have enough to fill them.)


Fill the rest of the bottles with water and shake to mix. And that’s it. Keep one on each bathroom counter! (Ladies, this is also a great refresher/cleanser for that time of the month, as well! More money saved and less chemicals on your body than using the commercial wipes out there.)





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