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Two or three years ago, I was at Michael’s one day when they had their silk hanging plants on clearance. Now, it’s not that I don’t have a green thumb – I’ve always got something growing in the garden – but hanging plants have always been a little harder to maintain for some reason. So I looked at the silk plants and thought that they were quite pretty, and the fact that they required no maintenance was a given. I bought them and hung them up outside – they looked great!

This is how they looked when I first bought them:

flower blog 4

However, after nearly three years of wind, rain and scalding Florida sun, they looked like this:

flower blog 1

Pretty sad, right? Well, being of the frugal, don’t-toss-anything-I-can-reuse mentality, I decided to give them a new life. The inside is just styrofoam so after one good yank of the plastic stem, I had a clean slate to work with.

First, I gave the base a quick once over with spray paint. Spray paint does wonders for almost everything!

flower blog 2

Then I headed to the dollar store (one of my favorite places). They always have a section of wall filled with the prettiest silk flowers, so since I had three baskets, I bought three ‘sprigs’ of flowers for each. With wire cutters, I snapped off the main stem.

flower blog 3

Next, I separated each individual flower and grouped them together by length.

flower blog 5

The longer ones go in first on the inside with the smaller ones on the outside. Push them firmly into the styrofoam. I didn’t use any, but putting a little glue on the stem when you push it in will help it remain in place.

flower blog 6

Repeat this process, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have pretty baskets of flowers!

flower blog 7

Isn’t that pretty? Here’s all three of my baskets:

flower blog 8

I wouldn’t tell Michael’s, but I actually like MY version better!

I also picked up new hangers for my baskets at the dollar store, too. Just $1 each! Aren’t they cute?

flower blog 9

Here’s the finished product:

flower blog 10

So, if you’ve got old baskets, don’t throw them away. For less than $5 for each one, you can have pretty, stress-free hanging plants and flowers, too!


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