Ten Tips for a Healthy Life

In our fast-paced, technology-driven, always on the go world, most of the time it’s hard to stay healthy. There’s work, there’s kids, there’s pets, there’s husbands and wives, there’s outside family members, there’s bills, there’s grocery shopping, there’s arguments, there’s drama, there’s attitudes – let’s face it…life is HARD on a good day. I think our ancestors would be very overwhelmed at the pace at which we live. It takes tremendous effort to slow down and enjoy every day as it comes. Most of them fly by in a blur like those white line dividers on the road.

So what do we do? Janet Miller has provided a guest post with ten tips to help us refocus and re-energize ourselves. Do they sound simple? Yes, but don’t let that deceive you. These ‘simple’ tips will have a tremendous impact in your life if you apply them completely and truly put forth the effort to make healthy changes. You’re worth it, and your family is worth it!


The kind of lifestyle we are living now tends to cause us to be unhealthy, moody and irritable. Want to live a healthier life? Here are 10 tips from my experience as a work-at-home mom of four:

1.    Exercise. People seem to only view exercise as a way of being physically fit. But exercise gives you more than that. People who exercise regularly are happier, smarter and more productive. Exercise releases hormones that make you more active in dealing with your every day life without getting stressed out. Physical activities such as barefoot running and yoga give your mind the mental break that it needs.

2.    Eat healthy food. This is such a cliché, but it always works. Aside from exercising regularly, you need to integrate it with a balanced meal. As early as possible, you need to stay away from or minimize the intake of unhealthy food. Good thing, there are now almost unlimited choices of healthy food you could enjoy.

10 tips photo food

3.    Drink water. Many people are aware of the importance of drinking plenty of water but unconsciously forget or dismiss. Water cleanses your body from toxins and unhealthy elements that could make you sick. Make drinking water a habit.

4.    Visit your doctor. Ditch that thought that doctors are only called when you are sick. Remember that prevention is better than cure, and it is always a good practice to have annual check-ups. There are cases when you do not feel sick, and you seem healthy, but deep down your body is working in an unnatural and abnormal way. It does not hurt to have yourself checked over even if you feel fine.

5.    Get enough sleep. Do not be too hard on yourself by staying up late to work or party. It is best if you know how to balance your social life and your body’s needs. People who are deprived of sleep are less productive, careless and inefficient when it comes to their work. They cannot think quickly and clearly because their brain and body are too exhausted. Sleep quality is also important – buying an air purifier to improve the air quality of your sleeping environment will do wonders.

10 tips photo sleep

6.    Change your lifestyle. You are well aware of how a stressful lifestyle could affect the way you view life and deal with it. If you are so burdened with your work, and you are unhappy with it every single day, maybe it is high time to rethink your career path. If alcohol and cigarettes are your constant companions, it is time to call for outside reinforcements to help you deal with these problems. Stress is a silent killer because it slowly drains your happiness and zest for life.

7.    Surround yourself with good and positive people. There are times when your group of friends could directly affect your mood and perception of your life. Stay away from people who always see the bad side of every situation. Slowly distance yourself from people who constantly complain about how unfair and bad life is. Be motivated and seek support from people who view life not as a problem but as an adventure. It helps a lot when the people that surround you give you encouragement and hope.

8.    Give yourself a break. You may have a wonderful career or personal life, but sometimes focusing on them alone could be suffocating. Learn to treat yourself after a tiring week or when you receive your paycheck. A simple massage can make a lot of difference. Travel or indulge in a hobby you wanted to try. Do not limit yourself to work and home but break free from stress by reminding yourself that the reason you live is to enjoy life. So do not waste a second of it.

10 tips photo relaxing

9.    Do a good deed. A simple thank you can brighten up anyone’s day including yours. Acknowledging your staff’s hard work does not only make you feel better, but it also brings a smile to their faces. Doing a good deed takes your stress away, and it also injects happiness throughout your day.

10.  Exercise your mind. One of the most neglected in this list of 10 tips for a healthy life is exercising the mind. It is recommended that exercise should not only be done to the body but to the mind, as well, as this lessens the possibility of having mental illness such as Alzheimer’s disease. Read a book, answer a crossword puzzle or write a poem. These simple gestures can add years to your life.

10 tips photo reading

So there we go – 10 tips for a healthy life. Do you have others you would like to share? Please feel free to comment below.


Janet Miller is a mom of four, health enthusiast and lover of life.
You can read more about her latest project at www.airpurifier-review.com.




Nayonaise Product Review

Before I even start this review, I must profusely apologize for being extremely late in posting this. The account rep that originally contacted me about trying the product was kind and quick to send me two full size jars to try – which I did – and then my life promptly fell apart with three deaths in my family (one of those being my mom, as you know) and my job loss all in less than two years.  I really hadn’t intended to wait so long to post this, but life – apparently – had other plans. Better late than never, right?

Nayonaise is a vegan sandwich spread (think mayo) made by Nasoya. It’s made with non GMO soybeans and is gluten free. Ingredients are: soymilk, expeller pressed soybean oil, vinegar, salt, dried cane syrup, natural flavors, mustard flour, xanthan gum, guar gum, sodium alginate (comes from seaweed), lemon juice concentrate, turmeric, paprika, spice, garlic powder and vitamin B12.

Being a ‘southern girl’, I’m a BIG mayo fan. Mayo can go in or on just about everything to make it better. A mayo/peanut butter/banana sandwich? Yes please! On crackers? Sure! I’ll use it in place of sour cream sometimes. French fries dipped in ketchup? Heck no – get me the mayo! I think you get the point.


And, just for the record, I was always a Miracle Whip girl.

Sadly, when I changed up my eating after finally deciding to read ingredient labels a few years ago, the mayo – Miracle Whip, Hellman’s and all the others – were out.  I’d tried some of the better alternatives at the ‘real food’ store (I don’t like the term ‘health food’ store; it’s just ‘real’ food), but I wasn’t impressed with them,  so I was left with a pretty important void to fill.

While I’m not vegan nor support a fully vegan diet (except for very rare situations), I do eat and enjoy vegan products and meals often. If you’re a mayo lover, Nayonaise is a GREAT alternative for you. To me, the taste is a combination of Miracle Whip and Hellman’s; it’s a nice blend of tart and sweet. The texture is closer to Hellman’s, and it works in all the dishes that you’d use the others for – sandwiches, potato salads, etc.

There are a couple other versions; a whipped and a light. They’re ALL good. You should be able to find most of these in your local real food store, like Whole Foods and other similar retailers. Visit the site for more information like FAQs and recipes!

Follow Nayonaise on Twitter @Nasoya or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nasoya or on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/nasoya/ to keep up on the latest! And they have other products besides the mayo – check out their tofu!

I’d like to thank Jennifer Smith for this great guest article on cycling. It’s something that most of us can do, and even if you don’t get a chance to visit the beautiful places that she mentions, you can still reap the health benefits from finding other beautiful places near you to ride. It’s an inexpensive way to get in shape!

Top Areas in the World for Cycling

Cycling is a sport which is accessible by anyone. It is incredibly easy to hop on a bike and begin to explore your local region. Not only will you be able to reach places you just couldn’t by foot or in the car, but you will be doing your health a world of good whilst you’re at it. To ride a bike, you need next to no ability – well, unless you want to ride the Tour de France, but you get the picture – and it’s an incredibly easy way to keep fit and enhance your overall well-being at the same time.

Some of the best cycling routes in the world pass through some of the most breathtaking and beautiful scenery, and whether you are looking to put in lots of miles and work up a good sweat or simply wanting to take the family out for a quick spin, we have put together the greatest places in the world for cycling.

Regular cycling helps you lose weight, reduces stress and can improve your overall fitness. It is the most popular recreational activity in the United Kingdom, and it is estimated that 3.1 million people ride a bike every month. It’s also very easy to fit into your daily routine and is an excellent way to achieve a bit of escapism. This low impact exercise can help you see loads of places around the world. We have put together a list of the top areas in the world for cycling, and we’ve mixed it up a little, as well. We’ve included some real challenges which even the professional peloton struggles with,  some areas which have a rich history of cycling culture as well as some routes which the kids won’t moan about if you decide that that will be your activity for the day.





Majorca is an island which is mainly thought of as a place for package ‘holidayers’ to go and sit by the pool, whilst it is in some respect, there is much more to explore, and it is known as a cycling paradise. Majorca has the perfect ingredients for every type of cyclist: it has well maintained roads, fully signposted cycle routes and great weather all year round – not only this, it’s very cheap to travel over there via all the major airlines.

The island is such a great destination for cycling that almost all of the professional cycling teams travel there, including Sky Procycling, BMC and Cannondale. Their riders can be spotted on the island during December, January and February. If you’re looking to climb some steep gradients or just freewheel by the side of the beach, either way, you’ll find something for you.


Northern Europe

northern europe

The Netherlands is one of the most cycling friendly cities in the world. There is a wide selection of cycle lanes which interlink all major (and minor) towns and cities. Other northern countries like Belgium and France are a cyclist’s paradise, and if you’re into professional cycling, you can challenge yourself on the parcours of the classic races such as Paris Roubaix, The Tour of Flanders, and Gent-Wevelgem. Failing that, take it easy, hire a ride and check out a few coffee shops in Amsterdam, navigating the canals and unique districts of the city.


French Alps

french alps

The French Alps offer some of the most challenging yet beautiful roads and mountain passes in the world. There are numerous guided rides which take in legendary routes like the Alp D’huez, Col du Galibier, Col de Madeline and the infamously barron Mount Ventoux. Not for the faint hearted, these routes have been stalwarts in Le Tour for nearly a century – so a high level of fitness is needed in order to be able to pedal yourself up, over and down again.


The Great Ocean Road

great ocean road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road winds its way along the southeastern coast of the country and passes through rural farmland, rugged cliff tops and the wetlands of Lake Connewarre. You could challenge yourself and try the 243 kilometer journey which will take you all the way along. Alternatively, if you only have a day, try the 60-kilometer route between Bells Beach and Torquay.

To get there, you need to travel from Melbourne to Geelong before taking a bus to Torquay – it is well worth it as it is a truly spectacular route to ride!


Yorkshire Dales

yorkshire dales

It would be rude to ignore our very own green grass (and superb routes) that we have here in Britain. The dramatic landscape of the Yorkshire Dales has been chosen as part of stage one of this year’s Tour de France and for good reason – you will find varied scenery, quiet yet challenging roads and lots of routes that will suit everyone, even the little ones.

The Dales are home to some of the finest vistas and landscapes in the country; there are many nice little villages and towns to stop in along the way – why not stop for a coffee and cake (a cyclist’s staple) or sample some of the beers from the local breweries?

Get involved yourself

If you’re interested in finding out more about cycling for fun, getting to work or for something more serious, take a look at the British Cycling website. Nothing really beats a bike ride – all you need is a fully functioning bike and a route that you want to travel. We’re not all as fit as say, Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome, and we don’t all look good in lycra, but that shouldn’t put you off. Incorporating cycling into a holiday can ensure you get to see more of the location whilst, let’s be honest, its much more fun than walking!

Did you like this blog? If so, feel free to share it on social media so others can take a look at the fantastic cycling opportunities that there are around the world!

Written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of The Light, a premier entertainment facility in Leeds.

Spring is here, and if you have dogs, you know what means – FLEAS.

Ugh. The very thought makes me start itching.

I don’t know of anything that’s more frustrating. They annoy your babies…they annoy you…they multiply like crazy…they bite…they cause all sorts of skin irritations – they’ve got to GO.

But how do you get rid of them? If you give your babies chemicals, there are all sorts of adverse reactions that they can have from allergies & rashes to seizures & death (not to mention how it can affect you, your other pets & your children). In 2008, over 44,000 reactions presumed to be tied to spot-on (topical) products were reported by pet owners, veterinarians and other animal caretakers. Whether it’s topical or a pill, you’re inundating your furbaby with toxic chemicals when you don’t have to.  You’re essentially feeding them or rubbing INSECTICIDE on them. It’s poison.

Just a few of the ingredients in your average topical or pill are imidacloprid (which is an insecticide), fipronil (another insecticide), permethrin (hmm, another insecticide), methoprene (you guessed it) and pyriproxyfen (do I even have to say it?).  Still not convinced that this stuff is DANGEROUS for your babies? Read more HERE.

And I KNOW as a responsible pet owner that loves your pet, you’d NEVER want to intentionally poison them. Sadly, some of our vets are under the same influence as some of our doctors – Big Pharma. All they know to do is push pill after pill after topical solution after topical solution. It’s all “safe”, according to them. But the truth is, IT ISN’T. Stop the madness!

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to expose your pet to these toxins. You can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY give them flea prevention that will not put them at risk. I know this to be true because last year, the fleas were INSANE in our backyard. My poor girls were scratching and scratching until I finally started to put a little liquid concoction in their food.  And within a few days, the scratching stopped. I went from picking off 10+ fleas a day to finding NONE. It was wondrous. We were gloriously flea free all summer.

Before I give you the super simple recipe, there are other things you can do, too. Make sure that your babies are eating quality – preferably ORGANIC – food. This will discourage fleas (& other ickies) from biting them because a healthy immune system will make your dog less tasty to them. (Fleas are very attracted to pets that eat a high amount of grains since it makes them quite “yeasty.”) You can also treat the yard with diatomaceous earth or with this Mosquito Barrier. There are essential oils that you can use either in a spray or on the dog’s collar that will keep fleas at bay, too. Do a quick search on Google – there is so much out there that you can try. You don’t need poison!

My girls get organic food & treats and are bathed & brushed regularly. They also get 1/4 tsp of this mixture in their evening food:

flea prevention 1

1 clove of garlic, 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice. Mix in a saucepan with 1 cup water. Bring barely to a boil to infuse the water, cool, strain & put in a glass container to keep in the fridge. 1-20 pound dog – use 1/4 tsp…20-80 pound dog – use 1/2 tsp…80+ pound dog – use 1 tsp in food bowl each day. *Note* Do not give to puppies until they are at least 10-12 weeks old.

Give it a couple weeks. What will happen is that the scent will begin to come out of their skin. Don’t worry – YOU won’t smell it, but the fleas WILL, and it will discourage them from getting on the animal because they can’t stand the smell. Your baby will suddenly NOT be their favorite snack!

flea prevention 2

** Read this ** – THE GARLIC WILL NOT HURT YOUR PET. I can’t believe the amount of misinformation that is ‘out there’. I suppose if you fed your dog TWO HANDFULS of garlic all at once, it might affect them, but you’re not doing that. Garlic is very healthy for them. PLEASE read this blog by behaviorist and wellness adviser, Karen Rosenfeld, so that you can be informed – http://ottawavalleydogwhisperer.blogspot.com/2012/06/garlic-for-dogs-health-benefits.html

Don’t want to take her word for it? Read THIS and THIS and THIS. Feel a little better now? You should.

After you read these articles, if you are STILL not comfortable with the garlic for whatever reason, just omit it and use the apple cider vinegar and the lemon juice. It might take a few more days to start to repel the fleas, but it will be SO much better than poison! Your babies will thank you!

And speaking of babies, here are mine. They are my world.

henna jonesie for blog

While this blog has focused on flea prevention for DOGS, I haven’t forgotten our feline friends. Go here for great suggestions that won’t endanger their health!  They don’t need chemicals, either!

Hope everyone & their babies have a SAFE, NON-POISONOUS and FLEA FREE summer!

Ok…this is SO good, I just can’t even stand it! Are you a choco-holic? If so, you will LOVE this. Be warned – it won’t last long!

In a bowl (preferably glass), mix 1 can of organic coconut milk (try not to include the watery part at the bottom), 1/4 heaping cup of organic cacao powder (dark if you can find it), 1 Tbsp of organic maple syrup, 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract and organic stevia to taste. Get out your mixer and blend until it’s creamy. You will be rewarded with a delicious, light treat that is also healthy for you. No guilt here!

Want to play with the flavors? Add some organic peppermint extract or some  organic almond extract! (The peppermint is my favorite. I’m a peppermint junkie!)

So exactly how is this sinfully scrumptious dessert HEALTHY? You’ve got saturated fat & vitamins in the coconut oil. You’ve got antioxidant flavanoids, sulfur and magnesium in the raw cacao. You’ve got minerals & antioxidants in the maple syrup. This treat is packed with goodness any way you look at it.

I like to look at it while it’s on my spoon. But that’s just me.

Try it. Let me know what you think. If you can tear yourself away from the bowl, that is.

vegan chocolate mousse

Unless you’ve done quite a bit of researching, it’s often difficult to know what you’re supposed to eat and when for optimal effectiveness when working out. I know I’ve wondered many times and attempted to figure it all out more than once (and, I will admit, did not).  This article by Mark Taylor will provide you with some great suggestions to help you get all you can out of your workouts.


What To Eat Before, During & After Exercise

Whether you’re a “weekend warrior” trying to stay fit or an athlete training for a marathon, what you eat can affect how you perform. Eating right can give you the edge to help energize your workout. But which foods are best for fitness workout, and which should you avoid? With so many sports drinks, bars, powders, and supplements to choose from, how do you know which are best? Or can you skip the expensive supplements and get everything you need from a well-planned diet?

If you don’t have a nutrition plan for your fitness training routine, you’re doing yourself a pretty big disservice when it comes to getting the results that you desire. If you workout while you’re starved, you simply won’t have the energy for your body to gain maximum fitness. If you exercise for a long time without eating, you’ll limit your ability to burn calories and maintain intensity. And if you don’t feed your muscles and replenish your energy stores after exercise, you won’t have the necessary building blocks for recovery.



Fueling exercise requires quality carbohydrates, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables for a quick energy source. Protein is needed to build and maintain muscles and for healthy blood cells. Blood cells deliver nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. The ideal pre-workout meal is consumed about two hours before exercise, contains about 300-500 calories, and is composed primarily of healthy carbohydrates. If you don’t have time to eat two hours before, a quick 50-100 calorie snack 5-10 minutes prior to exercise will also be effective.

Try a bowl of oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, and whole-wheat toast as a pre-workout meal eaten two hours before your workout. If you have to eat directly before your workout, a small piece of fruit—like an apple or banana—will do. If you need a snack on-the-go on your way to the gym, stick with a smoothie. Not only are they time-friendly, building your own blend has a bunch of exercise benefits. For a perfect formula, use your favorite sliced fruit, a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola for a thicker consistency.


If you plan on exercising for less than an hour, you don’t need to eat; just make sure you hydrate with small, frequent sips of water during your workout. But if you’re doing something like a long run or bike ride, or maybe a couple of back-to-back fitness classes, try to eat 50-100 calories every half hour, preferably from a quick carbohydrate source that is easy to carry, like a bag of raisins, an energy bar, energy gels, or even a sports drink. The goal is not to replace every calorie that you burn, but rather to give you just enough fuel so that you can maintain a brightly burning metabolism.


Muscles need protein for recovery and growth, and the best time to deliver protein appears to be right after exercise. Providing high-quality protein after exercise gives your muscles the fuel and the building blocks needed for both repair and for growth.

Protein shakes and powders carry a certain allure, but your muscles don’t care if the protein comes from a hard-boiled egg, glass of chocolate milk or whey protein shake.  Whatever you choose, more isn’t better — only 10 to 20 grams of protein is needed to provide amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to muscles.

A sample post-workout meal would be: grilled chicken and mixed vegetables (Your body is in recovery mode, so you need a nutrient dense dish. The lean protein and carbohydrates in chicken will fill you up without feeling overly bloated. Add some veggies in olive oil to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.), veggie omelet with avocado (Eggs are a great source of protein and help aid in muscle recovery and growth. Switch it up from the usual scramble and make a veggie-packed omelet. Garnish with a few slices of avocado for fiber.) or salmon with sweet potatoes (Aside from the usual protein perks, salmon has bioactive peptides, small protein molecules that play a role in inflammation reduction, helping to regulate insulin levels and give you joint support. Sweet potatoes pack in those complex carbs as well as help to restore glycogen levels, which get depleted after a workout.)

Also, here are some of the worst post workout foods that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Salty snacks of all kinds (salty popcorns, pretzels, crackers, nuts and seeds)
  • Sugary products and sodas (fruit yogurts, honey roasted nuts, Nutella, peanut butter and jelly sandwich)
  • Fatty foods and snacks (French fries, potato chips, hamburger, pizza)
  • Raw vegetables
  • Milk chocolate
  • Pastries (muffins, pies, donuts, puddings, cup cakes)

The ideal time to eat after a workout is within 30 minutes to two hours, when your body is ready and waiting to top off its fuel tanks to prepare for your next workout. But if your appetite or schedule doesn’t allow you to eat a meal right after your exercise session, don’t panic. Your body can still replace your muscle fuel over the next 24 hours, as long as you’re eating enough food to support your activity level.

As a moderate exerciser, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to timing your meals and choosing your foods. The most important thing is getting to know your body and how it responds to exercise, so that you can give it what it needs to perform at its best. Eating the right things at the right times after you work out is essential to keeping your energy up, your workout performance high, and your body in fat-burning mode.

This article was submitted by UMA, Melbourne based Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness school.

For more information, please visit http://www.ultimatemartialfitness.com.au/.

That’s what people think of those that talk about organic food and buy organic food – they think they’re health SNOBS. Some might even think them RICH HEALTH SNOBS.

I’m not alone – http://voices.yahoo.com/eating-organic-food-doesnt-snob-unless-12159608.html.

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve heard: “Oh I can’t afford to eat like that.” “Organic food is just too expensive for me.” “I’ve got children to feed. I can’t buy that stuff”. Etc, etc, etc.

I have tried to – and will continue to try to – drill it into people’s heads that YOU WILL PAY FOR IT. There is absolutely no way to avoid paying for it. The choice of HOW you pay for it, however, is up to YOU. You can pay for it now with money, or you can pay for it later with your health. And let me tell you, the latter is MUCH more expensive than any organic food on the shelf.

Everything that you’re eating RIGHT NOW will show its effects in about twenty years. People seem to think that because something doesn’t bother them within ten minutes of eating it that it’s ok. The body does not work like that. There are systems in place – systems that you have NO idea are even there – but that are working hard to do their job every single day. Think of your body like a machine – if you take care of it properly, keep it oiled, keep it cleaned, keep it working properly – it will function for a long time. But if you take the machine and ignore it, maybe leave it outside in the rain and heat for a few months, never wipe it down, never make repairs, never oil it, OVER TIME it will stop working. It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time for all of the mistreatment to take its toll. It takes time for rust to form and the metal to warp. Ever seen something lose its color because of the sun? Ever have a shirt that’s nearly gray instead of black from washing it a hundred times? Same concept. It takes time for deterioration to happen.

This is exactly what is happening inside your body this very minute. Based on whatever food/drink you’re giving it, it’s either going to function for a long time or it will gradually shut down.

We seem to think that when we get older, it’s normal for disease to strike – that’s just part of “growing old”, right? There are physical changes that happen as we grow older, BUT any disease that occurs is because of what we’ve eaten all of our lives up until that point. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Diseases are not little bugs that you get like a cold. They are the result of a body that has been fed food that was NOT good for it for most of its life (of course, you can also include smoking, excessive drinking and other such toxins to the body as causes for disease). What you get depends on what your body’s weakness happens to be. For some, it’s heart disease, for others diabetes, many others a stroke, etc. Mostly, though, it’s cancer.

Have you ever stopped to wonder WHY there are more and more people with cancer than years ago? I’ll tell you why. People eat LESS at home…People eat MORE fast food & restaurant food…Food corporations are using CHEAP ingredients & fillers in their food & drinks MORE than ever…People drink MORE soda…Doctors have gotten away from curing & are only concerned about masking ailments with drugs…People are taking MORE drugs. These are just a few.

Understand most doctors will not discuss food with you. They are bound by the FDA to follow guidelines that are already set up for them, and if they deviate from that, they can lose their license. Most aren’t even TAUGHT about nutrition in the first place. If you want a doctor that knows how food affects the body, go talk to a chiropractor. THEY KNOW. And isn’t it interesting that so many don’t consider them ‘real doctors’?

“Regular” doctors are taught about pills, and that’s it. The backbone of our medical industry is Big Pharma, and it’s only creating more diseases and more dependency on drugs. It is not creating HEALTH. Isn’t that what the medical industry should be creating by definition? Doesn’t this send up red flags for anyone?

So why does food play such a big part? It all has to do with the pH of our bodies. We can be acidic, neutral and alkaline. The goal is to be a little over neutral into alkaline. Why? When your body is more alkaline, all of the natural functions of the body can happen the way they are supposed to. When your body is too acidic, the natural functions can NOT happen the way they are supposed to. It’s a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ sort of thing. The majority of the typical American diet – sodas, processed food, fast food (any restaurant food), chips, cookies, cakes, etc – is acidic, and over time, it causes all sorts of gums to get stuck in the works. Your works.

Read more about pH here – http://blpublications.com/html/body_healthyph.html.

What makes me laugh is when I share this information with someone and their response is “Well, I’ve eaten so-n-so all my life so it’s not bothering me”. Well, duh – of course not. You’re still in your 20s or 30s – your body has NOT had time to respond to all of the CRAP that you’re putting in it. Wait until you hit 50 and 60; THEN is when you will feel the effects of your poor choices. And by then, it could be too late.

The other comment I like is “Well I like the taste of so-n-so, and I’m not giving it up”. I don’t know of anything more ignorant that someone could say. I like the taste of chocolate, but if I found out tomorrow that it somehow caused cancer, you can bet that I’d never touch another piece. There is not one single “taste” on this earth that is worth me DYING over. Not one. No candy, no soda, no nothing. What someone means when they say that is “Well I don’t believe that it’s doing anything to me, and since I don’t believe that it’s hurting me, then it’s not, so I’m fine”. That’s even more ignorant than the first comment. Your body responds to what you put in it based on WHAT you put in it. It doesn’t care what you believe that it’s doing. If you put in bad, it will respond negatively. If you put in good, it will respond positively. No amount of belief is going to change that.

Want to know what happens IN your body when you drink a soda? http://www.trueactivist.com/what-happens-to-our-body-after-drinking-coca-cola/

With every single BITE that goes in your mouth, you’re either helping your body or hurting it. Every. Single. Bite. Every single chip. Every single cookie. Every single hamburger. Every single mint. Every single stick of gum. Every single sip of drink. Everything! We don’t eat because we have nothing else to do. The body needs certain things in order to function properly. There is a purpose for eating, not just “oh I’m hungry, let me eat whatever I can find to fill up” OR “oh I’m hungry, let me eat what I want just because I like the taste”. WRONG. You’re killing yourself by doing that.

This pH business is not some metaphysical, overly holistic, hippie mumbo-jumbo, either – it’s SCIENCE. The concept was first introduced by Danish chemist Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen at the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1909, so it’s been around a while. It’s ‘doctoring’ at the most basic level. Before any tests are run on a patient, before any medication is given, the pH levels need to be determined AND the diet of the patient must be gone over. Then, and ONLY then, can anything be done to help a patient ‘get better’ from whatever is bothering them.

If YOUR doctor is not discussing food with you in connection with your issues, then he/she is NOT a good doctor. And just because you like them or just because they’re nice or just because they’re good at listening to you does NOT make them a “good doctor”. A good doctor understands that EVERY disease and ailment starts with an acidic pH. A good doctor asks you immediately what your daily diet is like. A good doctor discusses food changes with you before ever considering medications.

Keep in mind that YOU are the only one that will suffer from keeping blind faith in a bad doctor. The doctor won’t suffer, and neither will his/her bank account.

We need to get rid of government made up terms like “conspiracy theorist”, “alternative medicine”, “quack”, etc. They are silly terms used by silly people. We also need to learn to think for ourselves. There are SO many people out there that just refuse to believe anything until some “official” source says it’s ok. I hate to tell you this, but your “official sources” like the news channels, newspapers, doctors and the FDA are as tainted as buggy flour. And what do you do with buggy flour? Throw it in the garbage where it belongs!

We are sheep, and we are being fed lies every day to KEEP us sheep. That cycle stops now. The people who buy organic are not rich (well, not exclusively; I’m sure some are) nor are they snobs. They are people who GIVE A DAMN about their health and are making the best choices that they can. They are people who won’t compromise their health for money. They don’t think themselves better than anyone else for the choices they make – it’s about their HEALTH. The next time someone tries to tell YOU about this sort of thing – pHs and organic food and such – LISTEN because they are trying to HELP you live a better life; they are NOT talking down to you, and they do NOT think themselves better than you. They’ve been where you are – they understand – and they want to show you that there is a better way.

Do you know how I view people who I’m trying to help? Like someone on a ledge about to jump to their death because, if they don’t start making some changes, it will happen sooner rather than later (or there will be zero quality of life as they age). I don’t want to see that happen to my friends and family – I don’t even want to see that happen to strangers! So yes, I drive them all crazy because I’m always reminding them of how evil soda is and how bad fast food is and that they need to be buying organic, etc, and I will continue to! Is it a perfect path? Of course not. There is nothing perfect. But is it the better path? Undoubtedly! And when I have information that I know will help someone, it is MY responsibility to share it with them; more than once, if necessary.

If I was indulging in some bad habit or slowly killing myself by eating/drinking all the wrong stuff, I sure would hope that someone would give enough of a damn about me to tell me repeatedly until I got it. No one that knows me will ever be able to say “oh I’d never heard of such-n-such before” because I will have TOLD them. What they decided to do with the information falls on their shoulders and their health.

At least I did my part.

So how many of you are thought of as “organic snobs”??

Patsy L Holden M.A.

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