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Two or three years ago, I was at Michael’s one day when they had their silk hanging plants on clearance. Now, it’s not that I don’t have a green thumb – I’ve always got something growing in the garden – but hanging plants have always been a little harder to maintain for some reason. So I looked at the silk plants and thought that they were quite pretty, and the fact that they required no maintenance was a given. I bought them and hung them up outside – they looked great!

This is how they looked when I first bought them:

flower blog 4

However, after nearly three years of wind, rain and scalding Florida sun, they looked like this:

flower blog 1

Pretty sad, right? Well, being of the frugal, don’t-toss-anything-I-can-reuse mentality, I decided to give them a new life. The inside is just styrofoam so after one good yank of the plastic stem, I had a clean slate to work with.

First, I gave the base a quick once over with spray paint. Spray paint does wonders for almost everything!

flower blog 2

Then I headed to the dollar store (one of my favorite places). They always have a section of wall filled with the prettiest silk flowers, so since I had three baskets, I bought three ‘sprigs’ of flowers for each. With wire cutters, I snapped off the main stem.

flower blog 3

Next, I separated each individual flower and grouped them together by length.

flower blog 5

The longer ones go in first on the inside with the smaller ones on the outside. Push them firmly into the styrofoam. I didn’t use any, but putting a little glue on the stem when you push it in will help it remain in place.

flower blog 6

Repeat this process, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have pretty baskets of flowers!

flower blog 7

Isn’t that pretty? Here’s all three of my baskets:

flower blog 8

I wouldn’t tell Michael’s, but I actually like MY version better!

I also picked up new hangers for my baskets at the dollar store, too. Just $1 each! Aren’t they cute?

flower blog 9

Here’s the finished product:

flower blog 10

So, if you’ve got old baskets, don’t throw them away. For less than $5 for each one, you can have pretty, stress-free hanging plants and flowers, too!


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I decided that with the holidays coming up (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) this would be a good time to share some of my favorite craft links. I love crafts – always have. I’m also a firm believer in ‘making instead of buying’ (when possible) AND ‘making to recycle’.

And if you have kids or grandkids, what better way to not only spend some fun, quality time with them, but to also encourage their creativity? (Let’s face it – with our ‘technological age’, creativity is flying out the window.)

Let’s start with HALLOWEEN, shall we?

  • Milk Jug Ghosts – Aren’t these adorable? I can’t think of a better way to put old jugs to good use!

  • Coffee Canisters – Are you wondering what to do with those empty plastic coffee containers? Here you go!

  • Plastic Pumpkin Luminaries – Have a bunch of empty soda bottles (though, I hope you’re not drinking all of that icky stuff)? Grab some paint, and put them to decorative use!



  • Light Bulb Turkey – What a great “idea”! (Get it? Idea? Usually when a cartoon character has an idea, a light bulb show up above their head!)

  • Indian Corn Wall Hanging – Come on. You know you want to use those TP rolls again! And you have to have some Indian Corn on Turkey Day!

  • Harvest Napkin Rings – Again – perfect addition to the kid table! (Have them make their own beforehand! It’ll keep them out of the kitchen!)



  • Greeting Card Gift Boxes – Who doesn’t have a ba-jillion old cards stashed away somewhere? Turn them into cute gift boxes! If you’re feeling especially affable, fill them with sweets! (no pic…just the diagram in the link)

  • Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl – Ok, one more. I can see having the kids sew this one up for Grandma. Maybe Grandma could give Mom some old cards from the kids so that they can make a cute keepsake for her!

  • CD Ornament – I know you have picked one up that doesn’t play and thought ‘what the heck can I do with this?’. I know I have! Well, here’s one idea.

  • Christmas Candles – You guessed it. TP rolls. (What I can say? They’re versatile.)



  • Air Freshener – Tired of those artificial scents? Make your own!

  • Bottle Top Baggie – Just one idea for reusing bottles. And since you’re using a baggie, it’s perfect to put in your purse since it’s not a rigid container.

  • CD Letter Holder – Here’s another idea to put those scratched CDs to some use!

  • Bottle Cap Crosses (or hearts or Christmas trees or whatever shapes you’d like to make) – Something else that we toss away by the handfuls. Make something out of them instead!

  • Water Bottle Jewelry – This is really just too adorable! I’d wear it! (And those who know me personally KNOW this is true!)

  • Water Bottle Patio Lights – Water bottles are the BANE of my existence, and the more ways we can reuse them, the better off we’ll be. This is a very clever idea!

  • Paper Mache Bowls – Looking for a unique, handmade gift for someone? Think about his/her color scheme and get busy!

Lastly, here are a few sites with pages of other ideas for you to choose from:

I plan to try a few of these myself. If you try any, send me some pictures, and I’ll post in a future blog!


(Feel free to repost this link on other sites/blogs or wherever you think people would be interested in these crafts!)

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